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Black Dawn and Haitian Pilgrimage | Black Dawn | Haitian Pilgrimage | Haiti's Piggy Bank & Kane Bank
Black Dawn and Haitian Pilgrimage
Haiti Rising: A Compilation DVD
rt, Religion and History....

Take an Extraordinary Journey into Haiti's heart.

In honor of the 200th anniversary of the Haitian Revolution, GVM presents Haiti Rising: Celebrating the First Black Republic. This compilation DVD includes two award winning films, Black Dawn and Haitian Pilgrimage (see individual film descriptions below) PLUS an interview with actor/activist Danny Glover.

Special Features Include:
Introduction to the Artists: Biographical sketches, photos and paintings by the artists who contributed to Black Dawn, an animated history of the Haitian Revolution of 1804.

Director's Commentary:
Robin Lloyd and Doreen Kraft reflect on their experiences in Haiti and how the two films were made.

Four Language Tracks:
(Black Dawn only) in English, Spanish, French and Creole.

AND FOR EDUCATORS... we are including a newly revised Black Dawn Study Guide and an interview with Haitian historian Bayyinah Bello and others reflecting on the 200th anniversary of the Haitian Revolution and the birth of the First Black Republic.

Audience Level:
High school/adult

DVD $24.95

Individual/Low Income Groups:
DVD $19.95

Black Dawn    (only available as part of the Compilation above.)

Black Dawn aintings spring to life in this animated folktale. Black Dawn not only explores Haiti's early history, but also offers a captivating introduction to its culture, rich folklore, and religion. Using cutout and other animation techniques, the filmmakers transform paintings by prominent Haitian artists into a visually exquisite tribute to the first black republic - and second independent country in the New World. Featuring hypnotic African-Caribbean rhythms and chants, solid historical background, and a vibrant animation style, this award-winning film conveys a complex social movement through a visual language accessible to everyone.

"Superbly animated an authentic view of Haitian culture recommended for all ages." Film Library Quarterly

Haitian Pilgrimage
rich fusion of African religious practice and modern Christianity, voodoo- or vodun, as it's properly known- has been a strong force in maintaining community cohesiveness amid the turmoil of Haiti's history. In this visually captivating video, a Haitian-American family living in Boston returns to Haiti on a three-week journey to its spiritual roots. Along the way, they reunite with family and friends and discuss their African origins - and vodun's importance to their cultural survival. Finally they reach the sacred waterfall of Saut d'Eau, joining thousands of Haitians who make an annual pilgrimage paying homage to both Catholic and African deities. Included are interviews with President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Episcopal Church leader Roger Desir. A story of pride and rediscovery, Haitian Pilgrimage inspires viewers to explore their own ethnic heritage.

"This documentary shatters destructive myths about vodun and reveals it as a true form of religious fusion that expresses the soul of the Haitian people." Kathy O'Dell-Thompson Trinity College of Vermont

"An excellent vehicle to learn about the interesting and deeply rooted Haitian culture, and to unlearn the widely accepted misconceptions regarding vodun." Muriel Arango Archdiocese of Seattle

27-minute video

Produced and Directed by Robin Lloyd Script by Greg Guma

Audience Level:

11th grade to adult

Bronze Medal, Prix Leonardo, Fondazione Medikinale International, Parma, Italy, 1995

VHS $69.95

Individual/Low Income Groups:
VHS $29.95

Haiti's Piggy Bank & Kane Bank:
English & Creole
n Haiti's rugged countryside, the Haitian Creole Pig once reigned. The pig was a Haitian's family most important economic asset. Selling a pig could help pay for school, seeds, and health emergencies; it often meant the difference between life and death. Pigs paid for one's future. In 1980, swine flu spread to Haiti from the Dominican Republic. The United States, desperate to protect its own swine industry, pressured Haiti to kill its pigs. The Haitian Creole Pig was eradicated. Already among the poorest people on earth, Haitian peasants faced a degree of impoverishment they had not known in decades. This powerful video tells the story of an American non- profit development organization, Grassroots International, joining forces with the National Peasant Movement of Papaye, to reintroduce the Creole pig to the Haitian countryside.

"I remember when there were lots of pigs. When they killed them, it was if they killed us too." Stefani Joseph, Haitian woman

"When you have nothing in your hands you are hopeless. But if there's something you have you build on, like pigs, that provides you with hope." Ana Jean project participant

CD Hitis Piggy Bank

25-minute video
in English and Creole (Kane Bank Peyi Dayiti)

Produced by Grassroots International Directed and edited by Robin Lloyd and Katherine Kilbourn Videotaped by Robin Lloyd

Audience Level:

High school/adult

DVD $29.95

Individual/Low Income Groups:
DVD $19.95

DVD (English & Creole)

Informational packets and guidance on holding 'pig parties' to support the repopulation of creole pigs, available through Grassroots International 179 Boylston St. 4th Floor Boston, MA 02130-9901 (617) 524-1400