Green Valley Media
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reen Valley Media is a nonprofit film and video production and distribution company founded in 1974 to promote awareness of social issues and to bring unheard voices into the mainstream.

Robin Lloyd About Robin Lloyd:   Robin Lloyd, director of Green Valley Media, has been making films and videos for 25 years. From her early experimental films to her more recent videos on people's struggles around the world, she has sought to bring social issues to life. Her collaborations with nonprofit organizations such as the Colombia Support Network, Witness for Peace and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom have resulted in the production of documentaries that are used both inside and outside the classroom. She is also the publisher of Toward Freedom, a monthly international news journal. In 1998, she won the Burlington City Arts Award for Humanistic Cinema. She is founding member of the Peace and Justice Center in Burlington, Vermont, and serves on the advisory board of the Vermont International Film Foundation.

      Robin Lloyd is available to present her videos during speaking engagements, and to discuss particular aspects of documentary filmmaking.

      The board of Directors of Green Valley Media are: president Doreen Kraft, director of Burlington City Arts; Roz Payne, filmmaker and film archivist; and Dorothy Tod, filmmaker, video editor and herbalist.